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High-School Engine Builders Go Head-to-Head for $10,000 Automotive Scholarship

Providing young automotive enthusiasts with an opportunity to develop and showcase their talents while being exposed to the automotive aftermarket industry, Hot Rodders of Tomorrow launched in 2008 at the Race & Performance Expo in St. Charles, Illinois, and has been invited to compete at the SEMA Show every year since its inception.

SEMA Members Meet With Potential Customers in China, Witness Growing Demand First-Hand

A group of SEMA-member manufacturers recently descended on the Chinese capitol of Beijing, for the second annual SEMA China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE) China Business Development Program—an intensive three days of networking and one-on-one meetings with Chinese buyers from 24 cities throughout China.

Disaster Recovery: SEMA Member Shares a Hard-Learned Lesson

They say that hindsight is 20/20. The March 2011 issue of SEMA News featured a Best Practices article on the how and why of disaster planning, calling special attention to acts of God and other sudden business interruptions (see callout box). Now, several months later, ATC Composites COO Chris Ripper strongly encourages SEMA News readers to revisit that article—and with good reason.

More Help Plugging Into New Markets

Following a successful SEMA Show, it’s time to catch our breath and perhaps take a moment to ponder where we go from here.

Industry Leaders Define the "New Normal" for 2012

As the automotive specialty-equipment industry moves into 2012, SEMA News put out a call to the leaders of the association’s councils and networks to seek their views about what might be in store during the coming year. Their responses are instructive and should provide helpful insights for companies in every segment of the marketplace.

Business Technology Strategies Every Company Should Explore

Business technology is in a constant state of evolution, and it can be a maddening chore to try to keep up. It seems that every innovation begets an even newer version only a few weeks later. In some cases, the latest gizmo is only a marginal improvement on what went before, but there are significant trends and tools that simply cannot be ignored.

Why the Middle East Is Promising for Specialty-Equipment Manufacturers

Some of the fastest-growing markets in recent years have been in the Middle East—the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the five neighboring countries comprising the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

How Google Can Speed Up Your Website for Free

Google has turned more than a few heads in the business community by rolling out a new, free service that promises to dramatically speed the download of websites.

SEMA Heritage: Turning Valve Jobs Into Science

The man at the mill is John McWhirter, one of the founders of Racing Head Service (RHS). On the other side of the camera is Hot Rod magazine staffer Bud Lang, who photographed McWhirter cc’ing a Chevy cylinder head for a February 1971 profile of the Memphis-based shop.

Hopperstad Customs Hosts Congressional District Visit in Illinois

Each August, members of Congress spend the month in their districts meeting select businesses and organizations to learn more about how policies crafted in Washington directly affect homegrown industries.
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