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Proven Principles for Trade and Consumer Advertising

A company might produce the best product the world has ever seen, but it may as well not exist if people don’t know about it. That’s why retail advertising to end-users is crucial to bringing business into a store or to a sales website. And for manufacturers, advertising to both retail and wholesale customers is vital to moving inventory from the warehouse to store shelves and, ultimately, to installation on a customer’s car or truck.

Why Your Company Needs to Stake a Claim on Google+

While Google+ boasts 40 million members, it’s still relatively small for a social network. Nonetheless, many businesses have wasted no time scrambling to set up their own pages there. Search-engine optimization (SEO) experts say that the land grab is a smart move, since businesses with a presence on Google+ are expected to move up higher on Google search-engine returns.

SEMA Heritage: Tom McMullen

In January 1963, Tom McMullen posed in his flamed Deuce highboy for Hot Rod magazine’s Eric Rickman in front of Beckman Instruments, where McMullen worked as an electronics technician.

Highlight Your Products and Catalogs in SEMA News

Generate buzz for your products and services by participating in the 2012 SEMA News Product and Catalog Showcase featured in the June issue of SEMA News.

Market Trends in Tires and Wheels

Tires and wheels are one of the most favored modifications that car and truck owners make to their vehicles, since a single, relatively simple change can entirely alter the appearance and character of a vehicle.

Best Practices: Video Made Simple

When it comes to branding, search-engine optimization and, ultimately, sales in this digital age, online videos can make a crucial difference in a small company’s marketing. In the realm of sales alone, studies now show web video to be a top influencer in consumer research and purchasing decisions.

How Is Your Cloud Computing Security?

As significant numbers of businesses migrate to outside-the-enterprise services, such as cloud computing and social media, legal experts say they should consult with their attorneys to ensure that far-flung data is protected, trackable and accessible.

SEMA Heritage: Honest Charley Card, Hisself

Yes, that is Honest Charley Card, Hisself, parked in front of his brand-new, 30,000-sq.-ft. speed parts store on Honest Street in Chattanooga. Hot Rod’s Ralph Guldahl traveled to Tennessee in late 1970 to profile the legendary retailer, who had recently become the second inductee into SEMA’s Hall of Fame.

SEMA Heritage: Dean Moon

Dean Moon’s legacy lives on at car events all over the world. Those in the know recognize the spun-aluminum disc wheels that land speed racers prized or the pressurized fuel tanks that rode on the noses of so many dragsters.

Just Hit Print: Rapid 3D Manufacturing Comes of Age

Technically known as rapid prototyping or additive fabrication, high-end medical, aerospace and automotive designers have used the process for nearly two decades to develop small thermoplastic prototypes and models for research and development purposes. Thanks to recent advances, however, the process is now both refined and cost-effective enough to create finished goods, including manufacturing tools, jigs and fixtures—not to mention end-use parts.

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