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SEMA Seeks the Aftermarket's Future Icons

SEMA News is searching for the best young talent in the automotive aftermarket industry and we need your input.

SEMA Heritage: Gene Winfield

Gene Winfield was having a big year in 1963 when Petersen Publishing Company photographer Eric Rickman took this photo at Winfield’s car customizing shop in Modesto, California.

Shipping Advice for Companies Going Global

If your aftermarket business ranks among the growing list of SEMA-member manufacturers considering overseas exportation, you’re likely weighing shipping logistics as part of the equation. To be sure, the prospect can seem daunting. After all, once you’ve attracted foreign buyers, you have to deliver the goods in the face of numerous hurdles.

Wanted: Future Legends of the Aftermarket Industry

SEMA News is searching for the best young talent in the automotive aftermarket industry and we need your input.

Technology Disruption and Future-Proofing Your Business

As part of our annual look at where automotive technology currently stands and where it is heading, SEMA News again engaged in a wide-ranging conversation with John Waraniak, SEMA’s vice president of vehicle technology.

How Waterborne Paint Is Changing the Auto Industry

Paint has long been a necessary product in the automotive world. Perhaps the most prolific painters in the automotive sector, other than OEMs, would be shops operating in the repair and refinish segment. These are auto-body shops that make a living on being able to paint fast, match colors perfectly and be economical in the process.

Keeping Hackers Out: 10 Major IT Security Trends

While the Internet’s white hats have done a great job of keeping the medium’s darker forces at bay, security experts predict that the web will still remain a dangerous place for businesses in the coming year—especially those without digital smarts.

Finding the Right Mobile App for Your Business

“Is there an app for my business?” With the explosion of smartphones and mobile devices, this may be a question you’re asking yourself. After all, apps are fast becoming one of the latest marketing trends, offering significant branding and revenue opportunities for a company.

SEMA News Showcase—More Coverage for Your Catalogs and Products

Generate buzz for your products and services by participating in the 2012 SEMA News Product and Catalog Showcase featured in the June issue of SEMA News.

SEMA Heritage: Ted Halibrand

Ted Halibrand didn’t invent the performance wheel, but his influence over the category looms large. He was a car guy long before the wheel business, working on and racing midgets on Southern California’s oval tracks during the years leading up to World War II.
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