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West Coast Customs Experience at the 2013 SEMA Show

The West Coast Customs Experience (Booth #11293) will include master classes, live performances, guest appearances and prize giveaways.

How Restylers Push Accessorization When Car Sales Slump

With new-car sales growing and the economy slowly ticking upward, SEMA News checked in with restylers and restyling experts to find out what to expect in that segment for 2012.

Message From the Chair

        Serving on the Select Committee or as chairman of a council is a huge honor. It signifies that you’ve earned the confidence and respect of your peers. It also gives you an opportunity to be closely involved in the issues affecting your industry and to have a part in shaping how those issues are addressed. I’ve been privileged to serve as a member of the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) Select Committee since 2000. I’ve also joined the ranks of the few who have become the chairman of PRO. As I’ve worked for the council for the last few months of my term as chairman, I wanted to share some thoughts on volunteer leadership.

SEMA Member News—March/April 2011

Message From the Chair

105 Ways to Boost Profit Through New Restyling and Car Care Products

The SEMA Show is the premier destination for buyers in the specialty-equipment industry looking to find new products and services for their customers. In 2009, 25,086 buyers went to Las Vegas specifically to bring the newest restyling and car care offerings from the SEMA Show floor into their own retail shops. Exhibitors in the Restyling & Car Care section registered 105 products in the New Products Showcase, and buyers scanned those entries more than 4,874 times.

Train by Doing: Give Your Accessory Installers the Hands-On Edge

The Technical Skills & Training Conference (TSTC) offers 12 seminars/workshops to help sharpen the skills of accessory installers.

Need Fresh Ideas From Fellow Restylers?

Help shape the future of the restyling industry by joining the Professional Restylers Organization's annual Long-Range Planning (LRP) meeting, held in conjunction with the Technical Skills & Training Conference.

Restylers Use Nontraditional Avenues During Bumpy Times

With the major slowdown of the new-car market, some restylers are finding additional revenue through opportunities they may have overlooked during more fruitful times.

Additional Options and Opportunities for Today’s Market

About this product:

First, the obvious: The new-car market—traditionally fertile ground for restylers to cultivate—has become mired in the global recession. Extremely cautious consumers are holding off on big-ticket expenditures, and while reputable economists see glimmers of a rebound, business has yet to fully flex the recovery springboard. Still, some restylers have searched along the boundaries of their expertise to explore avenues they may have overlooked in more fruitful times.

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PRO - Leaders of the Pack

In this issue of SEMA Member News for the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO), we welcome the new leadership of the council: Chairman Karl Stearns and Chair-Elect Eldon Bracken.

SEMA Member News - July/August 2009

PRO Welcomes New Chair and Chair-Elect

In this issue of SEMA Member News for the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO), we welcome the new leadership of the council: Chairman Karl Stearns and Chair-Elect Eldon Bracken. We took the opportunity recently to sit down with both gentlemen to learn more about their new roles in the committee.


PRO - Hit the Ground Running

SEMA Member News -- March/April 2009

PRO Membership Benefits Can Help Businesses Stay Competitive in 2009

Member News, April 2009, PRO
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