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Arizona Bill to Exempt Older Vehicles From Emissions Tests Approved by Policy Committee; Moves to Senate Rules Committee

The Senate Natural Resources and Transportation Committee passed SEMA-supported legislation to exempt all vehicles 25 years old and older from the state’s mandatory biennial emissions inspection and maintenance program.

Hawaii Bill to Severely Restrict Aftermarket Car Audio Equipment Deferred Indefinitely

SEMA-opposed legislation to ban the installation, ownership or use of any car with aftermarket speakers more than 6.5 inches in height or depth, any five-speaker aftermarket system, any aftermarket speaker more than 100 watts and any aftermarket speaker installed external to the passenger compartment or in an open hatchback will not be considered in the Hawaii legislature this year.

Utah House Passes Bill to Classify Vehicles 30+ Years Old as “Vintage Vehicles;” Bill Now Moves to Senate

SEMA-supported legislation to allow vehicles 30 years old and older to be classified as “vintage vehicles” was approved by the Utah House of Representatives. Currently, Utah reserves the “vintage vehicle” class only to vehicles 40 years old and older. Under the bill, “vintage vehicles” 30–40 years old would be charged a $45 annual registration fee.

Oregon Introduces Bill to Ban the Sale of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

A bill (H.B. 3214) to ban the sale of certain new motor-vehicle exhaust systems or exhaust system components that cause motor vehicles to produce noise that exceeds noise limits has been introduced by Oregon State Representative Phil Barnhart.

House Approves SEMA-Supported Measure to Suspend EPA E15 Program; Senate Action Next

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a provision to prevent the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from using agency funds to permit an increase in the amount of ethanol content in gasoline to 15% (E15).

SEMA Action Network Launches “Win a Trip to SEMA Show” Contest to Expand Membership

The SEMA Action Network (SAN), a nationwide partnership of individuals, car clubs and members of the specialty auto parts industry, continues to work toward eliminating legislative threats and promoting favorable laws for the automotive hobby. To further develop this important enthusiast network, the SAN recently kicked-off a contest to expand its reach by challenging current SAN members to recruit new members.

SEMA Asks Congress to Block E15 Waiver

SEMA urged the U.S. Congress to support a provision to prevent the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from using designated funds to increase the amount of allowable ethanol content in gasoline to 15% (E15). SEMA contends the legislation is necessary to protect automotive enthusiasts and consumers from misfueling and other unnecessary harm.

California Retailers Can’t Ask Customers for ZIP Codes

The California Supreme Court ruled that merchants can no longer ask their customers for ZIP codes during credit-card purchases since the request violates the state’s consumer-protection law. The 1990 law prohibits businesses from requesting and recording the cardholder's "personal identification information." The court ruled that the prohibition includes a ZIP code.

NHTSA Establishes Anti-Ejection Rule for New Vehicles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has established a new safety standard intended to prevent occupants from being ejected through side windows during a vehicle rollover or side-impact crash. Vehicle manufacturers will have flexibility in determining how to meet the standard’s performance requirements.

Congress Taking Action on SEMA Priority to Repeal 1099 Reporting Rule

As Congress continues the lengthy debate to repeal the costly 1099 reporting requirement included in last year’s health care law, SEMA is again pushing for immediate action. SEMA President and CEO Christopher Kersting sent a letter to the House Ways and Means Committee requesting immediate consideration of proposed repeal legislation.
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