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Live Webcast: Creating Must-Have Products for the Next Generation of Buyers

Want to learn about the technologies, the design and the strategies needed to create must-have products for the next generation of buyers?

SEMA/CAR Report: "No More Normal" in the New Auto Industry Landscape

SEMA-commissioned forecasts from the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) feature exclusive insights on changes in vehicle technology, OEM direction/strategy, government regulatory trends and consumer mindset.

How the OEM's Decisions Today Affect Your Business Tomorrow

Take one hour on Thursday, September 17, to participate in the SEMA webinar, “Major Determinants of U.S. Automotive Demand: Factors Driving the U.S. Automotive Market.” This is your chance to learn more about the major economic drivers of the U.S. automotive market and their potential impact on the specialty-equipment industry.
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