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SEMA Black Book: General Information

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This product contains documents developed by the EPA and CARB, as well as a list of available test facilities and the application forms for obtaining an E.O.

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SEMA Black Book: SEMA-Developed Content

About this product:

This is a combination of all of the SEMA-developed content of the Black Book. It includes each of the individual items above that have a price of $19.95 associated with them. By purchasing this, you will receive all of the priced documents together. Over the years, SEMA has received many requests from members seeking information about Federal and State emissions compliance requirements.

SEMA Members may get this content for free!

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Solving the Compliance Equation

SEMA News - May 2009


By Jim McFarland

2008 Fuel-Economy Challenge

SEMA News -- April 2009

By Megan McKernan

SEMA Revises Black Book to Ease Process of Emissions Certification

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New Online Format Makes Downloads Available to Members

In the specialty-equipment industry, certification often represents a laborious but required under

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