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In an effort to better analyze the tastes and preferences of today’s auto enthusiasts, SEMA, in coordination with Ford, launched the Enthusiast Opinion Leader Research Program at the 2009 SEMA Show.

The program invited 527 enthusiasts, selected through a rigorous application process, to the second day of the Show and tasked them with using social media, including Twitter and Facebook, to broadcast their personal product and trend highlights of the Show.

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Vehicle Connectivity

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Every modern vehicle is dependent upon electronics. From the engine’s ignition to sound systems, from safety sensors to climate controls, electronics have become integral to how vehicles operate and how their drivers perceive the on-road experience. And now electronics from outside the vehicle are resulting in a whole new wave of connectivity.

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Test the Latin American Market at the 2010 PAACE Automechanika

As one of the fastest-growing market sectors in Mexico, the automotive industry presents a timely opportunity for SEMA members seeking to establish a foothold in this expanding consumer base.

SEMA News - April 2010

By Dan Frio

The Rise of the Mobile Web

While e-retailers have made a sport of predicting when mobile e-commerce should really be taken seriously, a new report from market researcher Gartner indicates that the time for guessing games is over.

SEMA News - April 2010

By Joe Dysart

By 2013, the Most Popular Way to Web Surf


Gartner predicted that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most popular device for accessing the web by 2013.  

2014 SEMA China Business Development Tour

Sign up now for one of the limited slots for the 2014 SEMA China Business Development Tour, which is designed to explore the growing specialty market for 1.3 billion Chinese consumers. The 2014 SEMA tour, to be held September 16–20, will travel to two of the most important cities in regards to customization—Shanghai and Beijing. Participants will learn what products sell, what products are in demand, and for which applications, through networking opportunities with retailers and wholesalers.

Benefits for participating SEMA members include:

SEMA China Business Development Tour

Meet One-On-One with Leading U.S. Specialty Equipment Manufacturers





Pay Per Buyer

The automotive specialty-equipment industry is slow to change. We get set in our ways and find it hard to look outside the box.

SEMA Member News - March/April 2010

Getting the Most for Your Internet Advertising Dollars

By Bob Scheid
President, Fidanza Engineering Corp./President, Dynamic Management & Consulting Inc.

YEN - Young Professionals and Social Media

Did you know that Facebook has more than 300 million registered users? If it were a country, it would be the fourth-largest in the world.

SEMA Member News - March/April 2010

Connecting Can Aid Your Career

By Gregory Parker

Meet Tony Mendoza

California Assemblymember Tony Mendoza, born in South Central Los Angeles, is the second youngest of nine children.

SEMA News - March 2010

California Legislator Takes a Stand Against Illegal Street Racing 

By Ethan Landesman

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