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Before It Was an Outlaw

Were you to park a ’14 Chevy Malibu next to a ’56 Bel Air and open the hoods of each, the contrast would be remarkable. The Malibu’s short, wide engine bay is so full of plastic covers, tubes, hoses, wires, bottles and other equipment that the car’s four-cylinder engine is barely visible—if at all. The Bel Air’s Turbo-Fire V8, on the other hand, stands out in the ’56 Chevy’s spacious engine compartment, covered in bright orange paint and hooked to a canister air cleaner, a couple of radiator hoses and little else. Ask any shadetree mechanic why he prefers to work on old collector cars over today’s computer- and emissions-controlled vehicles and the answer usually comes down to: “They were so much simpler then.”
SEMA News—October 2014

SEMA Heritage

Before It Was an Outlaw

By Drew Hardin
Photo Courtesy of the Petersen Archive

Attract Buyers Before the SEMA Show

Four Expert Tips for Building Online Buzz for Your Booth Starting TodayThe latest registration statistics for this year’s SEMA Show indicate a more than 5% increase in the number of buyers planning to hit the Show floor on Tuesday–Friday, November 4–7. With more buyers than ever coming to the Show, an exhibitor’s obvious goal is to entice as many of them into the company booth as possible. You’ll likely do this with new-product introductions, updates to signature product lines, booth demonstrations, project-vehicle reveals and even, perhaps, celebrity appearances. However, all of those tactics do little good if you don’t build buzz about them ahead of time.
SEMA News—September 2014


Are you Skating to Where the Puck Is Going to Be?

Arguably one of the greatest hockey players ever to pick up a stick, Wayne Gretzky is also credited with one of the most insightful quotes ever about focus and achievement: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” This simple thought captures the essence of staying ahead of the game: Think ahead, pay attention to where things are going, and go for it! Whether you are anticipating future trends in automotive accessories and performance or you’re staying on point with business technology, it’s critical to always be looking forward.
SEMA News—September 2014


Recruiting and Cultivating for the Future

For decades now, SEMA members have expressed concern about the aging of the automotive specialty segment and the number of young enthusiasts entering the marketplace and our workforce. Addressing those concerns, SEMA has developed a number of initiatives, many of which have matured and grown. There has been expansion of the SEMA Young Executive Network (YEN), now 1,300 strong; development of a robust student program that brings 500-plus automotive students to the SEMA Show each year; and substantial support of other productive youth-oriented automotive programs, such as Hot Rodders of Tomorrow.
SEMA News—September 2014


Speaking Out: New Select CommitteeMembers Share Goals and Vision

It’s official! Four incumbents and three freshmen have joined the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) select committee. Incumbents include Bob Carnahan; Dave Edmondson, Roadwire Inc.; Ginger Glover, Truckers Toy Store; and Ellen McKoy, EMK Marketing. Newcomers are Kimberly Callahan, Insignia Group; Mike Timmons, BedRug; and Steve Weimar, Rosen Entertainment Products. SEMA Member News recently asked the committee members about their goals and the reasons they’ve chosen to get involved.
SEMA Member News—September/October 2014

Speaking Out: New Select CommitteeMembers Share Goals and Vis

Retail Spotlight

Jotech Motorsports’ Formula for Success: Love What You Do and See Projects ThroughJotech Motorsports, located in a 14,000-sq.-ft. facility in an industrial complex three miles off I-635 in Garland, Texas, has been in business for 20 years. The company started in a small, 800-sq.-ft. shop averaging $30,000 in monthly sales of Honda and Acura products. It has since grown to a $150,000–$300,000-per-month business with seven employees.
SEMA News—September 2014



New product launches from WD-40, DeoxIT Products, 3M, QuietRide Solutions,  Fuelab, CTEK, Malco Products, PML and UnderCover.
SEMA News—September 2014


Facebook’s Crackdown on Free Business Posts

For Many, a Bitter PillBusinesses smarting over Facebook’s decision to severely limit their ability to communicate with people who like their business pages on the social network recently got an explanation from the web titan about the policy change. But many aren’t buying it.“Facebook wants us to pay for real estate that we used to get for free,” said Leslie Nuccio, creative strategist for Meltwater, a social media monitoring and press relations firm.
SEMA News—September 2014

By Joe Dysart

Fast Facts

Breaking news from SEMA members, including Air Lift, Performance Industry Publications, Enerpulse Technologies, Royal Purple, Ingersoll Rand, Roadwire and more.

SEMA News—September 2014


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