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Toyota Tundra Completely Redesigned for 2014

The completely redesigned ’14 Toyota Tundra half-ton fullsize pickup adds elements of design, refinement, quality and craftsmanship, while building upon its reliability, efficiency and function. The redesign represents the first major change since the ’07 model year.

Spy Shots—2015 Hyundai Genesis Drops Camo in the Desert

Prototypes for the ’15 Hyundai Genesis have dropped much of the heavy fabric camouflage for some hot-weather tests in the Southwestern United States. The prototypes have a mixture of clean body panels, with their front and rear fascias covered in black-and-white graphic camouflage.

Spy Shots—Mystery Ford Raptor With Dual Rear Exhaust Spotted

The shooters at KGP Photography caught this mysterious Ford Raptor sporting a new dual, rear-exhaust set up, and a curious collection of matte front and rear fenders and a matte black hood. The test truck has the look of a mule. But if it is a mule, a mule for what, exactly?

Spy Shots—GM's HD Pickups Caught Running Less Disguised

The shooters at KGP Photography just got their best look yet at GM's new heavy-duty pickups, thanks to this convoy of lightly-disguised test trucks. The heavy vinyl camouflage that previously covered every inch of GM's prior HD pickup prototypes is now gone, in favor of body-hugging graphic camouflage. Only the front fascia utilizes a vinyl bra covering.

Spy Shots—Camaro ZL1 and SS Convertible

The shooters at KGP Photography have caught their first looks at the ’14 Camaro convertible in both ZL1 and SS trims.

Spy Shots—2015 Chevy Colorado

Thanks to some hot-weather testing in the Southwestern United States, the shooters at KGP Photography have gotten their best look yet at the ’15 Chevy Colorado—including the first engine shots of a production-spec prototype. 

Spy Shots—Mystery Dodge Dart

The shooters at KGP Photography have photographed a Dodge Dart that is heavily covered in fresh camouflage, but what this disguised Dart represents is currently a mystery.

Spy Shots—2015 Nissan Titan Test Mule Breaks Cover

The shooters at KGP Photography have provided the first physical evidence proving that Nissan is actively working on a new Titan pickup, thanks to this mule caught testing in the Rockies.

Spy Shots—2015 Porsche Cayenne Facelift Caught Running the 'Ring

A prototype for the Porsche facelifted ’15 Cayenne has been photographed during its first round of tests on the famed Nürburgring.

Spy Shots—New Photos of 2015 Ford Mustang

KGP Photography has some new shots of the ’15 Ford Mustang, revealing some previously unseen details.
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