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SEMA PADI: Index Down but Appearance Product Plans Up

In April, the SEMA Performance Parts and Accessories Demand Index (PADI) dropped to an all-time low, going from 30 in March to 26 this month.

Despite Market Downturn, 37% of SEMA Members Report Sales Growth

It’s no secret that specialty-equipment sales declined in 2008 as a result of our economy taking a turn for the worse during the latter half of last year. Despite this market contraction, 37% of SEMA members recently surveyed noted that their company’s sales actually increased in 2008 over 2007.

Consumers Reconsidering Decisions to Purchase New Vehicles

Consumers remain hesitant to make new vehicle purchases. Recent economic instability has not only caused consumers to reconsider these substantial purchases, but has also led them to neglect maintenance.

Top 10 Gadgets and Innovations to Keep Your Eyes On

While computers get smaller, phones become capable of sending email and iPods become personal entertainment centers, one aspect has remained relatively the same: the technology that fascinates us and simplifies our lives has been limited in its use within our vehicles.

Scion Owners Like New iQ: What Do You Think?

The Scion iQ concept highlights the brand’s original bold design concept and, most important, accessory-friendly approach.

Enthusiasts Shifting to Personalize Used Over New Vehicles

SEMA recently highlighted the market swing from new to used vehicles with industry experts continuing to lower their forecasts as new-vehicle sales fall for 2009. For example, in February, J.D. Power predicted 2009 total new-vehicle sales to reach a mere 10.4 million units, down one million units from its forecast of just a month prior.

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